• Marketing and Business Development specialists in
    • Small & Mid-sized Growth Companies 
    • Technology and Industrial Products and Services
    • Emerging and Rapidly Changing Markets 
    • Funded Start-Ups and New Ventures
  • Reduce the time, cost and riskof growth and success
    • Product launches
    • New market entries
    • Re-purpose capabilities
    • Leverage intellectual property
    • Cross-promotion and channel partnerships
  • Measurable performancespecific ROI and revenue targets
    • Define your business model
    • Understand the entire investment requirement
    • Avoid ambush by unexpected costs
    • Forecast first dollar, profitability and ROI
  • Planning PLUS executionfrom 'consult' to 'result'
    • Thorough intelligence gathering 
    • Comprehensive analysis
    • Start-to-finish program blueprints and timetables
    • Hands-on management and execution







Due diligence preparation

Preparation for outside funding or acquisition begins the day a business opens its doors.  Laying the groundwork to attract investors and suitors is far less disruptive than untangling the patchwork of quick fixes, hastily-formed contractual obligations and other complexities which could slow, complicate or doom a capital acquisition or sale effort.  Third Coast can help your company organize for these effort with due diligence discovery preparation, business model refinement, addressing corporate finance issues and management team coaching.

Refine business model 
Growth companies and new ventures often experience unpredictability and instability in input costs, customer acquisition and retention, revenue and margins.  Oddly enough, these are benign or lay hidden during an initial start-up's success, as a rising top line captures management's attention.  But without benchmark or target metrics, resources and first mover advantages can be squandered as competitors encroach and customers consider alternatives.  Third Coast has direct experience with business models in a broad cross-section of industries and markets, and can help you bring more predictability and stability to yours. 

Find the right partners

Growth often best takes place through joint venture and distribution channel partnerships.  That's because mastery in one market often travels poorly to others.  Sometimes it's intellectual property, re-purposed by a technology partner to meet a new set of needs.  In other instances, a marketing or channel partner with credibility, contacts and customers in an unfamiliar market can secure rapid traction and acceptance of your product.  Depending upon their capabilities and yours, as well as customs within their markets, each will require unique forms and levels of support from your organization.  Third Coast can help you identify and evaluate potential partners, then anticipate and help build support infrastructure, from engineering help desk, to end user support, to distribution channel partner incentive programs. 

Define exit strategy
While today there is greater focus on the ultimate end game for a new business -- particularly in technology markets -- most growth companies and new ventures begin as passions for a particular kind of business or in pursuit of a new or emerging opportunity.  But the ultimate, intended disposition of the business is key to financing and growth, even for legacy businesses intended to be kept within a family or group of closely-held investors.