• Marketing and Business Development specialists in
    • Small & Mid-sized Growth Companies 
    • Technology and Industrial Products and Services
    • Emerging and Rapidly Changing Markets 
    • Funded Start-Ups and New Ventures
  • Reduce the time, cost and riskof growth and success
    • Product launches
    • New market entries
    • Re-purpose capabilities
    • Leverage intellectual property
    • Cross-promotion and channel partnerships
  • Measurable performancespecific ROI and revenue targets
    • Define your business model
    • Understand the entire investment requirement
    • Avoid ambush by unexpected costs
    • Forecast first dollar, profitability and ROI
  • Planning PLUS executionfrom 'consult' to 'result'
    • Thorough intelligence gathering 
    • Comprehensive analysis
    • Start-to-finish program blueprints and timetables
    • Hands-on management and execution







Competitive analyses

Even the most capable and dominating competitors have weaknesses a capable opponent can exploit.  Get past their web sites, brochures and the dis-gruntled ex-employee.  How do your competitors really stack up?  What are their customers missing, and how can you address those needs?  Let Third Coast help you find the weak spots in your competitors' game and exploit them for maximum benefit. 

Market mapping

Does your company truly know its 'sweet spot' -- that piece of real estate within your market that you can dominate and from which you can compete effectively?  Or are there ways to circumvent your competition with moves upstream, downstream or laterally within your industry or supply chain.  Let Third Coast give you a radically different view of the competitive landscape you face -- and the best way to leverage your position. 
Improved visibility

Improved recognition and top-of-mind awareness requires time and diligence, but needn't be expensive.  New social media tools can cerntainly help build interaction and relationships, but the most effective visibility programs require a comprehensive understanding of your prospects and their needs.  Today, companies often provide benefits to prospects well in advance of any sale.  Placing your company in the path of new business requires imagination, and the willingness to begin treating prospects like customers. 



Marketing and cross-promotional partners can offer rapid, direct access to new prospects, as well as create incentive for prospects to become customers.  Leveraging relationships with other firms who've already gained acceptance and credibility can speed time-to-market.  The process works both ways, as your company expands product offerings and levels of service.  Each partnership is unique, requiring different levels of support, for the partners and for the customers they bring.  Careful evaluation of potential partners, along with detailed design and execution of cross-promotional campaigns, is key to success.