• Marketing and Business Development specialists in
    • Small & Mid-sized Growth Companies 
    • Technology and Industrial Products and Services
    • Emerging and Rapidly Changing Markets 
    • Funded Start-Ups and New Ventures
  • Reduce the time, cost and riskof growth and success
    • Product launches
    • New market entries
    • Re-purpose capabilities
    • Leverage intellectual property
    • Cross-promotion and channel partnerships
  • Measurable performancespecific ROI and revenue targets
    • Define your business model
    • Understand the entire investment requirement
    • Avoid ambush by unexpected costs
    • Forecast first dollar, profitability and ROI
  • Planning PLUS executionfrom 'consult' to 'result'
    • Thorough intelligence gathering 
    • Comprehensive analysis
    • Start-to-finish program blueprints and timetables
    • Hands-on management and execution






Intellectual property

Technology licensing
The client had developed several innovative applications for GPS and cellular technologies which were of potential use to the overland shipping, parcel and fleet management industries.  Third Coast conducted a comprehensive evaluation of competing technologies, systems and products.  In the process, we not only developed an effective positioning strategy, but discovered significant potential for licensing and cross-licensing of the company's core technologies to various industry participants, including competitors.  Once these opportunities were quantified, Third Coast drafted a comprehensive business plan and due diligence materials which enabled the company to raise funding sufficient to execute the strategies.  Third Coast also crafted evaluation criteria for potential partners, and assited with copntact and initial negotiations.