• Marketing and Business Development specialists in
    • Small & Mid-sized Growth Companies 
    • Technology and Industrial Products and Services
    • Emerging and Rapidly Changing Markets 
    • Funded Start-Ups and New Ventures
  • Reduce the time, cost and riskof growth and success
    • Product launches
    • New market entries
    • Re-purpose capabilities
    • Leverage intellectual property
    • Cross-promotion and channel partnerships
  • Measurable performancespecific ROI and revenue targets
    • Define your business model
    • Understand the entire investment requirement
    • Avoid ambush by unexpected costs
    • Forecast first dollar, profitability and ROI
  • Planning PLUS executionfrom 'consult' to 'result'
    • Thorough intelligence gathering 
    • Comprehensive analysis
    • Start-to-finish program blueprints and timetables
    • Hands-on management and execution






New investment


After developing distribution channel and vertical market strategies for a wholesale provider of telecommunications services, Third Coast was further retained to prepare the company to attract new investors and, as part of this, to evaluate potential acquisition candidates.  Keys to the success in attracting two rounds of funding -- one of $7.5 million and a second of $6.8 million -- was the creation and presentation of a focused, coherent marketing strategy easily understood by investors and implemented according to timetables and metrics prepared for the management team by Third Coast.