• Marketing and Business Development specialists in
    • Small & Mid-sized Growth Companies 
    • Technology and Industrial Products and Services
    • Emerging and Rapidly Changing Markets 
    • Funded Start-Ups and New Ventures
  • Reduce the time, cost and riskof growth and success
    • Product launches
    • New market entries
    • Re-purpose capabilities
    • Leverage intellectual property
    • Cross-promotion and channel partnerships
  • Measurable performancespecific ROI and revenue targets
    • Define your business model
    • Understand the entire investment requirement
    • Avoid ambush by unexpected costs
    • Forecast first dollar, profitability and ROI
  • Planning PLUS executionfrom 'consult' to 'result'
    • Thorough intelligence gathering 
    • Comprehensive analysis
    • Start-to-finish program blueprints and timetables
    • Hands-on management and execution






Revenue growth

Stabilized revenue and margin growth for the #2 internet real estate lead generation site
House.com specializes in providing residential real estate buyer and seller leads and to real estate agents.  While there was no shortage of sales activity, sales performance was uneven and unpredictable.  In addition, servicing the real estate agent account base was challenging, and account service costs were decimating margins.
Third Coast established metrics for account service and retention which reduced costs and preserved margins.  It worked with ownership to define and refine the business model, resulting in increased predictability and reduced volatility.  It helped create and implement sales management, hiring, training and quota systems to stabilize the sales operation.

Within three months of the three-year engagement, sales had stabilized and had resumed predictable growth.  Retention and attrition had also stabilized, with associated costs reduced through implementation of streamlined protocols and escalations.  House.com exited the business as the market for real estate leads deteriorated during the housing market slump.